In my blog travel today & tomorrow, I will be sharing my experiences in the cities I have visited so far to try and inspire you to make your own choice.

Get a feel of the travel destinations you plan to visit

Refresh your memories if you’ve been to the same destinations

As much as I love traveling to new destinations, discovering beautiful sceneries and tasting exotic dishes, it is important to me to connect easily with people in the cities I visit. I was always curious about different cultures especially when it came to artworks, music and a wide range of topics that I could have access to simply by reading.

I realized that my Master’s degree in Translation limited my freedom of expression so I used my language and research skills to write articles in magazines. In other words, I am truer to myself when I write.

I created this blog to write about my travel experiences because I would love to give you inspiration and encourage you to still dream about traveling and plan your next trip despite the COVID pandemic.

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