Canada’s Mont Tremblant Resort

Partial view of Mont Tremblant Resort and Lake Tremblant

Tourism is one of the best ways that help us free our minds and get a fresh perspective on our life. As summer season kicks in, the travel sector is witnessing such a strong surge in bookings that the trending designation “Revenge Tourism” was created to illustrate the situation, according to Salma Altantawy, Senior Editor at LinkedIn News.

The kind of travel we need the most now is one that makes us feel as happy and careless as a child. And from my experience, the most hilarious adventures I had – with my husband and kids – were in Canada! My sister and her family live in Montreal and they are the perfect tourist guides one can have. Most of the places we went to were super fun and sometimes crazy, especially for me; actually, that trip made me overcome my acrophobia as most of the things required being high up in the sky!

The travel sector is witnessing

a strong surge in bookings

Exciting Family Vacation

I am pretty much convinced that if you plan to visit Canada you would have Mont Tremblant Resort on your list, and if you don’t, I advise you to quickly include it because this is a destination not to be missed.

Wide view showing the resort nestled in nature

Mont Tremblant Resort is like an out-of-this-world village. When you reach it, you would think you are on a fictional movie set. Beautiful colored buildings are surrounded by green hills on one side and a large lake on the other side; various boutiques, restaurants and cafes are spread all around, and wonderful outdoor activities are at the visitor’s disposal. Also, the resort encompasses luxurious hotels at the foot of the hills and condos on the mountainside or by the golf course. It takes 1.5 hours from Montreal and 2 hours from Ottawa to reach it by car.

The open Cabriolet lift moves the visitors to a higher level of the Resort
Our kids enjoying the ride
Mountainside view

The means of transport within the resort is an open gondola lift or Cabriolet that takes you to a higher level of the fantastic “village” while you enjoy an aerial view of Mont Tremblant Resort. We took the lift then headed to the ticket booth to book an exceptional ride, the Skyline Luge. It is some sort of a karting experience like no other. You sit in a car that looks like a go-cart but functions differently. You do not have to press the accelerator pedal as the Luge will move downhill by itself when you release the handlebars thanks to gravity. What you must do is slow down or stop your luge, not by pressing the brakes pedal – because there isn’t one – but by pulling back on the handlebars. Clear?    

Little did I know that, to reach the Skyline Luge, I had to hop on a large open chairlift (which I fear so much that I never learned snowboarding) with a helmet on my head, legs up in the air with nothing but a safety bar in front of my tummy to hold on to.

Moving up on board the chairlift to the Luge track

The kind of travel we need the most now is one that makes us feel as happy and careless as a child

Without giving it too much thought, I sat near my son and sister and in a split second I found myself flying. I looked under me, out of breath, and I quickly realized that there is no turning back, that I should look brave in front of my son because I do not want to pass my acrophobia on to him. The only choice I had was to cherish the magical moment and I did. Instead of fear I experienced sheer joy and excitement. I was flying above the magnificent landscape of Mont Tremblant Resort, and I finally experienced what the extreme sports lovers feel all the time: liberated, happy and empowered (to them this is nothing but to me, I was Wonder Woman). And that was just our means of transport to the start of the Luge track!

The Luge ticket booth on the left
The starting point of the thrilling Luge ride

Up on the hill, we were all given instructions on how to ride the Luge. From the top of the hill to the finish line at the bottom, all we had to do was pull back on the handlebars to slow down or stop, and release them to let gravity take us on a downhill track through the beautiful Laurentian forest. It is like sitting on a donut in a 1.4 kilometers-long super slide!

View of Mont Tremblant Resort from Lake Tremblant
Lake Tremblant
Visitors taking a stroll in the resort

My family members and my sister’s competed against each other to reach the finish line with so much laughter that our stomachs hurt. We were completely detached from reality. This remains one of the best memories I made in travel.

Many more exciting activities can be enjoyed at Mont Tremblant Resort. In fact, five different ziplines transport adventurers from the top of the mountain down to the village. Also, the Panoramic Gondola leads visitors to the summit of Tremblant where the 360 degrees Observation Tower offers a spectacular view of the Laurentians. Two outstanding golf courses for all levels are available nearby, paddle boarding and kayaking can be practiced in the Lake, and most importantly skiing and snowboarding are the main activities in winter.

If you can’t make it to Canada, get inspired by fun attractions I wrote about in other posts such as and choose similar ones in the location that suits you best. It will allow you to blow off some steam.

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